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Development Program

The Myanmar people are industrious. Sanctions
hurt the poor and ordinary people. Myanmar is
an agrarian society. Ironically there is plenty of
food, but the poor cannot afford it. There is
extremely high unemployment. Nevertheless, the
people find ways to make a living. Working as
day laborers, construction, cleaning, and as field
hands, the Myanmar people find ways to make
ends meet.

This USC Development Program has just been
initiated. We will find ways to support the small
village merchants to expand their businesses.
And also find promising start-up's.

Further, USC would like to see agriculture and
food industries become more up to date on
technology. Engagement will lead to cooperation
and understanding between Myanmar and
advanced nations. By working together in
sectors of small business and food production,
good relations can develop between Myanmar
and other nations.
"I own a construction supply shop in my village. USC
visited the village which was badly damaged by the
Nargis storm, and provided assistance to the homeless.
They brought customers and work to my employees as
we repaired and built new homes for the villagers."
- Ko Than
Farmers market where with a little start-up
funds villagers can create a business or
expand existing enterprises.