One year after Cyclone Nargis, the "Sunshine Seeds" orphans rescue mission is still helping the children.
USC is helping build shelters and giving aid in the delta region. Let's help the people build
a sustainable future. With your help the people can start to help themselves.
"Sunshine Seeds" Nargis orphans program
US Collection
     Humanitarian Corps
The situation for orphan children is a desperate one, but there
is hope. Myanmar people and the children are strong. They do
not have the proper shelter, clothes, or nutrition, but they are
survivors. With even a little food aid from you, they can grow up
to see a brighter future.

USC works with local food industries to provide a high protein
and sugar tapioca. Add to this rice from food banks, and the
children have a greater chance to survive.

We concentrate on food aid as a priority. Only if the children
are strong, can they resist disease, and attend school.

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