USC is an important humanitarian organization that needs to be supported. The
Myanmar people and government need to be engaged by the international
community. Countries such as Colombia, Indonesia, and Armenia have opened up
their societies because of engagement and educational programs by the United
States. USC is an emissary for engagement through charity and friendship between
the U.S. and Myanmar.

USC is committed to working with partners and policy leaders in national and
international arenas to build bridges for understanding. One way we do this is
through scientific, academic, and cultural exchanges. Some of these exchanges are
solely for building good will and improving relations through science, the arts, sports,
and international forums.
God bless Myanmar. The problems in that country are man made, and only
through kindness and love can we save the people. I know God loves the
people of Myanmar. When men's hearts are filled with greed, pride, and anger
there is no way to bring peace into the world. Let us accept God into our hearts.

Civilized and powerful nations have urged Myanmar rulers to change their ways
but to no avail. Indeed powerful nations will fail at this task because it is not in
their power to change the situation. Only God can change this situation. When
men's plans fail, men must surrender, give up, and let go... and let God. Allow
God's will to be done and the people of Myanmar will be saved.

"God, give us grace to accept with serenity the things that cannot be changed,
courage to change the things that should be changed, and the wisdom to
distinguish the one from the other." These are the words of the American
pastor, Reinhold Niebuhr. Let us be guided by this little prayer to help the
people of Myanmar.
Sanctions hurt the poor people. We need to immediately help the people who
are suffering. Practicing failed policy of sanctions is equal to practicing a policy
of indifference. The U.S. as the world leader should guide, educate, and entice
Myanmar back into the international community. The best starting point is to
increase humanitarian efforts in the country. The international community is
increasing and monitoring the aid into Myanmar. The U.S. should also increase
its aid. US Collection speaks for all the people who wish to see progress for Burma.
It is right to speak up if the Burma policy is failing and tell our Congressmen and
Senators there is a new way to solve their Burma problem.

Finding solutions to the challenges in Myanmar involves advocating changes in
public policy at various levels. Our advocacy program works towards solutions on
behalf of the unrepresented poor in Myanmar. We strive to cut through political and
historical stalemates to bring about progress, peace, and prosperity. Let us
embrace a new way forward and engage Myanmar.
US Collection
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