About Myanmar

       Here are some interesting websites related to Myanmar.
       It's good to get a balanced view of the realities of life in Myanmar.
       Myanmar is a very diverse country. Solving its social, economic,
       and political problems is not a black-and-white issue -
       the matter is quite grey. But Myanmar is actually very colorful.
       Please take a look at the following links to learn about Myanmar.

       If you are from Myanmar but now you live outside the country,
       you'll find this webpage great for entertainment and other resources.
       Free Myanmar movies in Burmese language.
       This is the latest movie by popular actor and actress

       The latest Myanmar music videos.
       Check out the latest performances for Myanmar New Year (April 2008)
       Many travel to / return to Myanmar for "Thigyan" - the water festival.
Happy Burmese New Year ( Thingyan )

Myanmar Hip Hop New Year Thingyan song ?

       Myanmar people are well connected to the Internet.
       A favorite social network is Friendster where you can
       make friends with thousands in Myanmar.
Here's a typical page of Myanmar youth.
       Join the network to see more of life in Myanmar.

       Here's a very fun blog with news and info about Myanmar
The Judson Observer blog
Visit Myanmar and see the truth for yourself.