US Collection
 Humanitarian Corps
US Collection and the AAAS undertook a "Science Diplomacy" mission to
Myanmar. The head of delegation w
as Dr. Peter Agre, Nobel Laureate in

International scientific cooperation advances both science and the broader
relationships among partner countries. Such cooperation serves an
important role in initiating relationships, building trust and expanding
understanding between countries and societies. Today, science and
technology agreements form the backbone of many efforts to incorporate
science into the broader diplomatic relationships between and among

While governments have an important role in facilitating science diplomacy,
civil society—including scientists— participation is essential in this
diplomacy of deeds. In order to promote and support the role of science
and scientists as bridge builders and to raise the profile in both the foreign
policy and scientific communities AAAS has established the Center for
Science Diplomacy.

the full story, please visit the AAAS webpage.
AAAS-Led Delegation Discusses Forestry, Health, and
Research with Myanmar S&T Leaders
A six-member delegation led by Nobel
laureate Peter Agre, chairman of the
AAAS Board, held high-level
discussions on forestry, health, and
other science-related issues with
Myanmar science and academic
leaders during three days of meetings
in Naypyitaw and Yangon.